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You can support the server by donating to any of the crypto addresses below. 100% of the donations will be used to pay for server fees, I will take nothing for myself.

Litecoin: LNbtkDrRHzGmhuZcBUrfyyhHWZd8XaYsu8

Bitcoin: bc1q5pvxegnzxmcqwqhncspzvdyl53yerv95tfnqaf

Ethereum: 0x38bab179be76789aA5818140a4682644839425a2

Monero: 47eUWHrquzW8uW1mwXcjQkLqC8SmsqTXC3J1tN8d15Quha22FvdRqqbGWh977b6cXNaJ6ym7R6uK7GSQvxtPpamhHk67RUW

You can also support the server by using this in-browser crypto miner which can run in the background. Warning: This uses your cpu and could potentially slow down your pc while in use. By decreasing the number of threads, the miner will use less of your cpu power to mine.

If it doesn't work, then your browser is probably blocking it. Try to disable browser protections for this site.